Steakhouse restaurant chain, Hog’s Breath, has introduced of a braille version of its new menu, produced by Vision Australia.

Hog’s Breath CEO Ross Worth said the restaurant group wants to be accessible to everyone, including those with disabilities, such as the blind or partially blind.

"We know that the vision-impaired community value the opportunity to be independent and not have to rely on friends or staff to read the menu for them," said Worth.

"We want everyone to have a great dining experience with us, and enjoy our delicious new menu, and to that end we have put many initiatives in place to ensure that’s the case for the disabled community also."

Hog's Breath introduced its new menu in April this year. While staying true to its steakhouse concept, the menu now features a range of items for vegetarian and gluten-free diners, using produce sourced from local farms.

The ‘Sensational Salad’ menu allows customers to make their own salad, with additions to traditional salads such as pan-seared salmon, garlic prawns, calamari rings and grilled chicken breast.

A selection of ‘Trim-a-licious’ menu items has also been added, targeting customers that are conscious of their calorie intake. Items include wraps, salads and appetisers like Boss Hog Mushies and feta, orange and pear salad.


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