Leigh Griffiths

Sydney restaurant Lana is turning a new leaf with a revised menu structure and head chef appointment.

Peter Tran has taken on the role, working alongside Executive Chef Alex Wong to usher in an a la carte meu, with the Circular Quay restaurant previously taking the set menu route with optional snack add-ons.

“We’re still having as much fun creating the dishes and the level of service hasn’t changed, we just want Lana to be a little more accessible to those who felt like they couldn’t dine here as often as they wanted to,” says Wong.

“If you’ve eaten at Lana before and enjoyed it, you’ll love it even more now you have the freedom to jump around the menu.”

The focus on Italian-Asian flavours remains, with the kitchen team creating a selection of debut dishes for the menu.

There’s now Moreton Bay bug on rice cake with black pepper butter and a paste made of tamarind and shrimp; Berkshire char siu glazed in balsamic; and oysters cooked in chicken fat with lemon myrtle satay.

There’s also prawn and mascarpone ravioli served with black vinegar butter and tempura saltbush for an added savoury element.

While the restaurant is giving diners more choice by going a la carte, guests are still able to hand the decision-making process over to the kitchen with a chef’s menu and group menu still available.

Lana has also recently announced it will move to seven-day trading and run a Pasta Club each Sunday.