Dinner by Heston Blumenthal has teamed up with microbrewery La Sirène to produce a farmhouse ale dubbed Two Penny.

The beer will be served exclusively at Blumenthal’s Melbourne venue located in Crown Towers.

The beverage is inspired by British hand-pumped amber ales of the 18th century and is manufactured using traditional techniques.

Two Penny is bottle-fermented and incorporates hops from New Zealand, Australia and the UK, resulting in a blend of spice, floral and citrus, including grapefruit aromatics, along with honey and thyme.

Rolled oats provide nuttiness and Australian pale malt adds brightness. After opening, the ale slowly mellows, with notes changing from light citrus to herbaceous flavours.

La Sirène Two Penny Farmhouse Ale is priced at $14 per 375mL bottle. The beer is also available at The Bar at Dinner, which is open to non-diners every evening from 5.30 till late and lunchtime Friday to Sunday.


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