Celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal has teamed up with Grill’d to create a plant-based burger range made with mushroom patties.

The burgers are now available at Grill’d locations, with the chef selecting the limited Heston Fable option as his favourite.

“All four … are fantastic, but the Heston Fable burger is the star of the show,” says Blumenthal.

“The Fable pattie has a rich, satisfying mushroom flavour that tastes just like slow-cooked meat, complemented by the pluminess and spiciness of hoisin sauce, fresh texture of Japanese slaw and lightly grilled tofu.

“It has all of the umami, all of the satisfying things that you would expect from a burger but there’s no meat in it.”

The Heston burger is inspired by duck pancakes and is an iteration of a burger on the menu at Blumenthal’s The Perfections’ Cafe in London.

There are 4000 Heston burgers up for grabs for $35 each (served with chips and a glass of wine/non-alcoholic option), with diners in states that are not in lockdown able to try the an off-menu option by booking.

The range is rounded out with a spicy cheeseburger (mushroom patty, aged cheddar, onion, Dijon mustard, dill pickles, egg mayo and fire-roasted tomato sauce); truffle (mushroom patty, aged cheddar, cos lettuce, basil and truffle mayo) and southern BBQ (mushroom pattie, cabbage slaw, shredded carrot, Spanish onion, egg mayo, dill pickles and Davidson plum barbecue sauce).