On 12 November 2017 the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) will officially pass the legislation for hemp to be consumed as food in Australia.

Lagging behind the rest of the world Australia and New Zealand are the only remaining nations to resist legalisation and legalise the plant-based product for consumption.

Hemp has long been globally recognised for its beneficial nutritional merits as one of only five key acknowledged natural superfoods.

Hemp has a five-star health rating and provides a perfect 1:3 balance of omega-3 and six fatty acids, a complete amino acid profile including all eight essential amino acids, excellent dietary fibre and bioavailable protein.

In anticipation for the ban to be lifted, Australian Primary Hemp has been working to develop a range of readily available premium, 100 per cent Australian products including pure hemp oil and protein powder produced from plants grown by local western Victorian farmers.

“This legislation marks a massive achievement for the hemp community,” says Australian Primary Hemp director James Hood. “It’ll open a whole new door for hemp to enter the Australian superfood market and hopefully spark more conversation around the environmental benefits of the plant.”

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Image credit: Food Safety

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