Heineken’s latest activation has seen an undercover company representative visit a number of Melbourne hospitality venues to see if its beer was being served correctly.

The ‘Star Serve Guru’ visited restaurants, bars and pubs in the lead-up and during The Australian Open, rewarding staff that serve Heineken correctly with tickets to the tennis tournament.

Heineken created a film which was shot in a number of popular Melbourne venues, capturing  what happened when the brand rep went undercover and highlighting the best ways to serve the beer including using a clean Heineken glass, a 45 degree pour, filling the glass to the correct level, skimming off excess head and presenting on a Heineken coaster.

Alessandro Manunta, marketing manager said, "Our product sits at the heart of everything we do and one of Heineken's core brand commitments is to go the extra mile to ensure our international premium beer is delivered to consumers in the best possible way.  We are always looking to try new things and we want this activation to encourage all bar and wait staff to make sure they are providing the best service to anyone that orders a Heineken.

“The Star Serve Guru now moves his attention to the rest of the country but no doubt will be back to Melbourne soon.”

The 'Star Serve Guru' activation coincides with Heineken's 20th anniversary celebrations of its sponsorship of The Australian Open.


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