Gregory Llewellyn and Naomi Hart of Hartsyard fame will join forces with Blair Joscelyne and Marty Mulholland, creators of YouTube series Mighty Car Mods, on a new venue in Sydney’s Enmore.

Set to open by the end of April, Wish Bone will be located in the former site of The Gretz bar run by Llewellyn and Hart.

The focus will be on quick-service food and drinks, while the decor will give a nod to the motoring world.

“We’ve known the guys for ages and this venue is a true collaboration, from the way the restaurant looks and feels, all the way down to what’s going on the menu,” says Llewellyn.

In an ode to the original Hartsyard menu, Llewellyn’s famous fried chicken will make an appearance, alongside other favourites such as poutine and softies. Pre-batched cocktails and Bourbon slushies will feature on the drinks list.

The YouTubers, who have racked up over 450 million views online since launching the series in 2008, are regular diners at Hartsyard.

“We’ve known Gregory and Naomi for almost 10 years,” says Mulholland. “A couple of years ago we started working together on a DIY cooking video series together, where for once we were behind the camera instead of in front of it and Gregory was the host.

“We just got talking about our favourite foods from Hartsyard then this crazy idea came up that we should work together on something bigger, inspired by our combined histories, and the result is Wish Bone.”

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