One of Sydney’s most iconic pie purveyors, Harry’s Caf de Wheels is expanding into China with plans to open 300 pie carts within the next 15 years.

Owner of business, Michael Hannah said that the idea was initially proposed to him six months ago by two Chinese businessmen who studied in Sydney and fell in love with the concept of the iconic pie cart.

Speaking with The Daily Telegraph, Hannah says that plans are currently underway to open the first Chinese location within the next six months. In terms of maintaining the brand’s integrity and authenticity, Hannah says that the pies served in China will be made from the same Australian meat as those sold in Sydney.

“It’s important to me that we make sure the brand of Harry’s is protected and the quality of the product we serve over there is equal to that which we provide here,” says Hannah.

“The flour and a lot of other ingredients that are in our pies and can’t be sourced locally will be shipped in containers monthly from Australia.”

While the majority of the menu will remain similar to that found in the Australian outlets, Hannah says that some items may be developed later down the track to cater to local tastes.

“While the beef pies will be a large part of the franchise… I think we will be looking at developing pork pies as it is a large part of the Asian diet.”


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