The Wow Factor (TWF) is a retail, commercial and event space design and build agency. Owner and founder Brett Groves said the COVID-19 pandemic forced a critical time for his business.

“As the world came to a halt, so did our business, three days was all it took for the pandemic to force us to close our doors,” says Groves.

Born from a determination not to give up, Groves called on his staff for what they know best — designing creative and innovative solutions.

Seeking opportunity in the face of a worldwide pandemic forced TWF to pivot and go to the drawing board to look for the best way forward. The team did some soul searching, reflected on our core strengths, and realised we could use our experience and flair for the commercial environment to create something new.

Everywhere they turned, hand sanitiser stations were popping up. Some had buckets and cable ties holding them together, others were literally gaffer taped to bathroom sinks. Knowing they could do better, TWF’s journey to create a solution that was equally good looking, sturdy and functional began.

Choosing between aesthetics or functionality is something that needs to stay in the past. TWF’s new, practical stands provide venues, restaurants, bars, cafes, retailers and commercial spaces with the flexibility and choice to reflect their unique character. You can give your customers confidence in your safety measures whilst making sure your design aesthetic isn’t compromised. The new normal doesn’t leave functionality or beauty behind.

The hand sanitiser stations conveniently hold three 500mL bottles. No more queues of customers waiting to be ‘sanitised’ before entering a venue: multiple bottles in one stand allows your customers to sanitise their hands and move into your shop, restaurant or café quickly and easily. That means your patrons spend more time socialising, more time enjoying your specialities and less time wasted on hand hygiene — it’s a win/win.

TWF collection includes the option of freestanding, countertop or wall-mounted stations. Giving the flexibility to place them anywhere you desire. The freestanding displays are easy to relocate as restrictions are eased. Whether it’s the entry to your bathroom or your checkouts, stations can be moved wherever they are needed most.

The stands also give you a huge range of customisation. Whether it’s creating a personalised message relevant to your clientele, customising your display with your brand colours and logo, or adding a bottle of your favourite scent to leave customers with a floral business card. With quick and easy DIY assembly, anyone can keep up with the latest safety standards without sacrificing looks.

Don’t settle for a sanitiser stand that doesn’t fit your style. Your aesthetic is TWF’s top priority as everyone works together to create the “new normal”.

The NSW Government is now offering a $500 rebate to small business owners and sole traders who purchase equipment to make their workplace safer. It’s now even more affordable to make sure your business is COVID-19 safe. TWF’s Hand Sanitiser stations are eligible for the rebate — for more information contact

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