A gunman fired a single gunshot through the front window of a popular Indian restaurant located in the Western Sydney suburb of Harris Park on Tuesday night.

Police say that between 30- 40 diners and staff were inside Billu’s Indian Eatery at 9pm Tuesday when the incident occurred. No one is believed to have been injured by the single shot.

“It was extremely lucky that no one was injured,” a NSW Police spokesperson told SMH.

The gunman was dressed in a blue tracksuit and was seen running from the restaurant moments after the shooting. Police are calling any witnesses to come forward and are currently investigating as to whether the shooting was a targeted attack.

SMH reports that the incident marks the second time this year that a gunman has fired shots in the vicinity of the restaurant. In April this year a gunman – also on foot – shot eight bullets into the sky out front of the restaurant on a Saturday afternoon. 


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