GTG Living Water’s collection of pristine, natural alkaline water products boast
exceptional purity with a balance of minerals filtered through the best system that exists — uncontaminated nature. Sourced from the untouched mountain springs of Zagoria, Albania, GTG Living Water’s products are high in calcium and low in sodium, resulting in high-quality hydration.

It’s important to know where your bottled water is coming from. GTG Living Water’s range means customers know they are drinking mineral-rich, pristine water. GTG Living Water is also committed to sustainability and quality in its products with 10 per cent of profits going to charity and each bottle crafted from 100-per-cent recyclable materials. The GTG Living Water range features both still and sparkling water varieties in an array of product sizes for any venue’s needs. Taste the difference with GTG Living Water’s range at stand N43 at Foodservice Australia.