The Grounds of Alexandria will open its much-anticipated CBD location, The Grounds of the City, in late May.

Located at 500 George St, Sydney, The Grounds of the City will boast engaging window displays to capture the attention of passers-by, and shoe shiners will tend to those waiting for their coffee.

First announced in 2015, the new site’s design includes salvaged timber floors, marbles, hand-crafted stained glass, antique theatre pendant lights and custom enamel fridge doors, all put together by Sydney’s Acme & Co.

Led by group executive chef, Paul McGrath, the open-style kitchen will serve an all-day brasserie-style menu with dine-in and takeaway offerings.

“The Grounds is bringing soul back to the city. It’s for those who want more from the CBD, those who want to reconnect,” said Ramzey Choker (pictured), co-founder and creative director of The Grounds. “We’re combining the best of the past with future innovations to create a landmark that doesn’t just serve up a coffee fix, but an incredible customer experience that inspires you to make it through the work day.”

Among these innovations is the Barista’s Bar, fitted with modular espresso technology, where ‘coffee sommeliers’ will be on hand to assist customers.

Image: Business Insider

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