A new gluten-free vodka made from sugar cane molasses is preparing to take on spirit giants Absolut and Smirnoff, launching in bars and clubs across the country.

The new artisan vodka, Beenleigh Cane Cutter Vodka, is produced at the heritage-listed Beenleigh Artisan Distillery – Australia’s oldest registered distillery – using only Queensland cane, water and yeast.

Made from molasses, not grains, it is Australia’s first gluten-free vodka.

“We only use Queensland cane and its smooth sweetness really comes through in the glass.

“This is a high-quality Aussie spirit that’s perfect for those who can’t drink gluten products,” Bickford’s Group of Companies spokesman Chris Illman said.

Vodka is traditionally made from grains or potatoes, but can be produced from any product containing sugar or starch, he added.

“This is the only vodka in the country produced from molasses,” he said. “It is distilled no less than five times, including once in a traditional copper pot still.”


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