New data from Clipp has revealed that while beer is the most popular drink for socialising during the day spirits are more popular at night.

Deals app, Clipp analysed drink orders from 55,000 Australians across 700 establishments to determine which drinks have been trending in our urban cities.

Cocktails are the most popular drinks among women making up 35 percent of orders, while vodka is the most ordered among men, with 23 percent choosing it over other drinks, including cocktails (20 percent) and whiskey (19 percent).

Vodka is the most likely spirit to be ordered on the weekend with 21 percent of orders on Friday, 22 percent on Saturday and 22 percent on Sunday – the highest percentage across all drinks, including beer.

Vodka was the most popular spirit amongst the under 20 age group, with 30 percent preferring it, while 22 percent of 30–39 year olds and 23 percent of 40–49 year olds choose it over other spirits. Cocktails were also the most ordered drink for those aged 20–29; bourbon was the number one choice for 50–59 year olds; and whiskey was the most common order for the 60+ age group.

Despite the apparent trend toward gin over the last few years, according to the Clipp data it’s the least commonly ordered spirit in all age groups except the 20–29 year old group, where it is just ahead of bourbon. Amongst the under 20 age group, only three percent order gin.

While spirits are the most popular choice for late night outings for one in two Australians (55 percent), up to a quarter of spirits orders are made at lunchtimes (16 percent) and in the afternoons (23 percent). Wine is more popular during lunch (16 percent of orders) and in the afternoon (also 16 percent) than in the evening (nine percent).  

Although spirits are the number one choice during evening trade, beer makes up 65 percent of lunchtime sales and 58 percent of afternoon sales. Non-alcoholic drinks accounted for four, three and two percent of sales during lunch, afternoon and evening trading respectively.

Clipp expects fross, spritzers and espresso martinis to continue trending throughout summer, and predicts that Instagram-worthy dessert cocktails and ombr drinks will start to become more common.


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