Chef Geoff Lindsay will this summer take his popular Crab Club pop-up to the Lorne Hotel in Victoria.

Lindsay (Dandelion Melbourne, Saigon Street and Salumeria Tanah Barak Bali) and the Lorne Hotel’s Upham family will host the event, operating daily from 5pm until the crab runs out.

The Lorne Hotel offers panoramic views of Lorne and the Great Ocean Road coastline, thanks to the floor to ceiling windows and a huge private balcony.

The top floor of the pub will be converted to a dining room for up to 120 guests who will be presented with a menu offering daily market runs of mud crabs, Antarctic king crabs, spanner crabs, blue swimmers, sandies and soft shell crabs. Starters will consist of crab claws, crab cakes, crab sliders, chowders and crab and coconut salads.

Several non-crab dishes will be available, as will a full kids' menu.

Monthly Full Moon crab nights have been part of Geoff Lindsay’s repertoire for more than 20 years and his summer pop-ups in Sorrento are highly anticipated.

The first block of bookings at the Lorne Hotel is now available from 27 December until 6 January.








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