Melbourne’s Chinatown welcomed new kid on the block, Gatboy, on Friday 20 November.

Gatboy’s menu features Korean Fried Chicken, pancakes, bibimbap, as well as hot pot and Korean stews (think Kimchi, beef deunjang, and spicy seafood) and noodles. Hot pot options include braised chicken with tomato and chilli paste, spicy or carbonara rice cake, the hearty Army mix, and more, while noodles range from spicy ramens and kal guk-su to cold fruit noodle.

The Korean pocha-style venue also offers a variety of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. With it’s alcohol license expected on 1 December, Gatboy will be pouring tea and soft drinks until then, after which a range of beers will be on offer, including house-made yuzu ale and plum ale.

The venue’s design features dark exposed brick contrasted with crisp whites and muted neon greens.

Gatboy will initially open from 11am to 11pm daily, with plans to expand into a 24-hour Korean food hub.