The team behind Frenchies Brasserie are gearing up to open the doors to Frenchies Rotisserie in Sydney’s Manly.

Executive Chef Jeremy Pace is overseeing the venue and says it’s a natural next step for the brand.

“We’ll be serving the sort of traditional French rotisserie chicken that’s a common sight on the streets of Paris and other French cities,” says Pace.

Chef and French native Guillaume Kuhn will work alongside Pace in the kitchen.

“What sets Frenchies Rotisserie chickens apart from many other styles is the succulence and flavours,” he says.

“If you’ve ever walked past a rotisserie in France, the aromas will draw you in – and that’s what we wanted to replicate.”

The menu focuses on rotisserie chicken, which will be served with a choice of chicken jus or chicken salt.

Diners will be able to choose from a range of sides such as frites or crispy French fries, roast vegetables, mixed greens or stuffed capsicum.

A salad selection will see roast cauliflower tossed with toasted raisins, almonds and a sunflower seed dressing; beetroot, French lentils, pickles and red cabbage; chargrilled corn salad and potato salad.

Other menu items include a rotisserie chicken sandwich, lobster rolls, a French terrine and cornichon sandwich and fish burgers.

The drinks offering will cover a selection of cold-pressed juice, French beers and Frenchies’ signature bottled cocktail range which includes martinis, margaritas and negronis.

Frenchies Rotisserie opens on 9 November and will operate seven days a week.