Bathers Beach House in Fremantle has been granted Australia’s first liquor licence for alfresco beach dining.

The licence means patrons can now be on the beach and order food and beverages from Bathers Beach House. Co-owner Anthony Unmack said it was a major coup for both the establishment and Fremantle.

“We are now the first place in Australia licensed to extend our food and beverage service to the beach sand,” he said.

“Waiters come and take your order and deliver everything to you – given the location by the sea, it’s like a taste of paradise.

“Guests can enjoy the spectacle that is a sunset over the Indian Ocean with a full restaurant service on the beach.”

The City of Fremantle gave approval for beach lounges and deckchairs on Bathers Beach, and now the area is fully serviced by the Beach House’s staff.

“The beach lounges will provide a range of options, whether it’s a casual meal from our beach menu, sunset drinks, sunset dinners or an ideal location for a unique function.”

More than 20 lounges can be reserved on a daily basis, either in advance or when a guest arrives, if available.

Unmack said the fully licensed beach area would further define Fremantle’s identity and attract national, if not worldwide, attention.

“Think about the long term effect this might have on tourism for Fremantle – photos of people wining and dining on the beach, particularly given the global nature of social media, will show off the area as a major attraction.

“It also enhances our ability to run events in that space because we now offer something that is not available anywhere else in Australia.”




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