Franco Giordano, Kim Stephen and James Sutherland of Light Years Asian Bar and Diner have opened Frankies Gelato Naturale in Byron Bay.

The Fletcher street venue blends Australian flavours and ingredients with Italian gelato-making methods.

“I dreamed of owning a business that represented my sentimentality for the Italy of old,” says Giordano.

“Frankies was born out of the desire to bring one-of-a-kind gelato flavours to life, which could only be done with the rich and vibrant produce available to us here in Byron Bay.”

All gelato is churned out on site and made with high quality locally-sourced ingredients.

The flavour range is 40 per cent vegan with flavours such as Golden Milk made with almond butter, almond milk and turmeric as well as a sorbet combo of strawberry, hibiscus tea and mint.

Dairy options include ricotta, figs and honey, earl grey tea and banoffee made with caramelised toffee bananas and a butter biscuit crumble.

All gelatos are served from silver lidded pozzetti tubs in order to keep them at an optimum temperature before serving.

Guests can choose to have their scoops in a classic cup or cone, or a traditional Sicilian-style brioche bun.

Frankies Gelato Naturale is open Monday to Sunday 12pm until late.