With government protections set to roll back shortly, along with continued cluster outbreaks of Covid-19 fuelling panic buying, this is a particularly difficult time for many vulnerable Australians hoping to put food on the table.

In light of this, not-for-profit culinary poster shop Food For Everyone has taken the opportunity to create a limited series of beautiful food artworks for a good cause. The organisation has partnered with four renowned Australian hospitality venues to recreate their most iconic dishes in poster form.

The series of summery, Italianate artworks includes a rendition of Pidapipo’s strawberry sorbetto by Lisa Valmorbida; Cumulus Inc’s tuna tartare with crushed peas by Andrew McConnell; Firedoor’s pipis, karkalla and native citrus by Lennox Hastie; and Tonka’s halwa carrot cake by Kay-Lene Tan.

Firedoor’s pipis, karkalla and native citrus by Lennox Hastie

Profits from all poster sales go towards bringing meals to isolated communities, low-income families, people experiencing homelessness, and other vulnerable groups struggling to get by. The initiative is part of Food For Everyone’s longstanding partnership with FareShare, Australia’s largest charity kitchen.

The range of iconic food posters can be viewed on the Food For Everyone website, with pre-orders open until 25 February.