Newtown cafe Brewtown has closed after an electrical fire tore through the venue.

A number of firefighters were called to combat the blaze, which caused surrounding streets to shut down.

Owner Peter Raad told Broadsheet the fire was the result of an electrical fault. The fire started in the café’s offices before spreading to the warehouse. Luckily, the kitchen and dining room was spared from any damage.

The blaze started after closing, meaning there were no customers present.

“We were very fortunate,” says Raad. “It was quite intense but [the firefighters] managed to stop it before it made any serious damage.”

The café is temporarily closed until further notice, however Raad says they have begun the rebuilding process and have plans to reopen with a new bar, a revised menu and a fresh interior.

“I can’t wait to reopen to have everyone back. It’ll be bigger and better than ever before.”

Brewtown was contacted for comment.


Image credit: Broadsheet

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