Fair Work Inspectors conducted surprise audits of restaurants, bars and cafes on Glebe Point Road, Sydney, last week to check businesses are complying with workplace laws.

The audit of more than 50 businesses involved Fair Work Ombudsman inspectors assessing time-and-wage records to check businesses are paying employees their full lawful entitlements and complying with pay slip and record-keeping laws.

Inspectors also spoke with various business operators and their employees.

Fair Work Ombudsman Natalie James said inspectors were keen to assess whether the low prices are due to efficiencies in business practices, as opposed to underpayment of minimum employee entitlements.

“With many businesses in the area operating seven days a weeks, we are focusing on ensuring employees are being paid applicable penalty rates for weekend and night work,” James said.

“We also want to be proactive about checking vulnerable employees – including young, migrant and overseas workers – are receiving their full entitlements because we know they can be reluctant to complain and are sometimes not fully aware of their rights.”

Assessment of time-and-wages records obtained during the audits is ongoing. A public report on the results of the campaign will be issued early next year.

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