Foodservice Australia is back and bigger than ever with more than 400 exhibitors and special events to sink your teeth into across the three-day program. Held at ICC Sydney from 19–21 May, Foodservice Australia will bring together top culinary brands and professionals, making it a must-attend event for anyone in the sector.

It is vital for hospo workers to stay in the know as much as possible. At Foodservice Australia, you can expect to do just this with the latest, on-trend initiatives, products, and speakers to help you excel in 2024 and beyond.

“Hospitality is a dynamic and competitive industry where you need to meet changing consumer tastes and remain highly efficient to survive and thrive,” says Event Director Tim Collett. “This show is a rare opportunity for business operators to taste new products, try out the latest equipment, and meet the people behind the brands. It is a chance to get ahead of the competition, find new suppliers, and strengthen relationships.”

Guests can attend special events such as the Australian Chef of the Year, National Restaurant Conference, Sweet Spot Theatre, ACF Restaurant Challenge, and Café School. There will also be an impressive line-up of hospitality exhibitors covering the latest industry technology; sustainable packaging; food and beverage trends; cutting-edge equipment; and on-trend fit-outs and venue designs.

There is also a chance to get hands-on with Foodservice Australia’s Training Hub which will provide a range of training and recruitment services for guests. Whether you’re an industry veteran or just starting out your journey as a student, there’s something on offer to help improve your skillset.

Foodservice Australia is a valuable opportunity to network and further expand your industry circle with local and international culinary professionals in attendance. The event will also give guests the chance to hear from the industry’s top names such as Neil Perry, Luke Mangan, Kirsten Tibbles, Justin North, Amanda Fuller, and Claire Van Vuuren who are presenting across the program.

To see the full schedule and register for a free ticket, visit

Exhibitors to visit

EOI Bakery
For more than 90 years, EOI has proudly developed and consistently supplied the Australian bakery industry with an extensive range of trusted, readily available premium bakery margarines and shortenings.

EOI is proudly 100 per cent Australian made and owned. EOI’s trusted products include pastry and cake margarines and shortenings; butter substitutes; creaming shortenings; custard and pie fillings; and vegetarian and vegan margarine and shortening options. There’s also a new ready-to-use range, which consists of pastry rolls; pastry shells; croissants; Danish pastry squares; and Danish fruit and custard pastries under both the EOI and La Parisienne brand names.

Join EOI’s trained bakers at stand L18 opposite Sweet Spot to see them demonstrating the extensive range of pastry products and find out how they can save you time and money.

Bone Roasters
Bone Roasters’ collection is made for the world’s finest chefs who set high standards and take exceptional pride in their dishes. Its range of award-winning, precisely crafted, chef-inspired stocks and jus elevate the flavour of every dish with elegant simplicity.

Using only the finest-quality Australian and New Zealand ingredients, Bone Roasters make products with traditional slow-cooking open-kettle methods and follow the highest-quality and consistency standards to deliver the most exceptional culinary
experience every single time.

The Bone Roasters range is made and then frozen to maintain freshness and consists of veal, beef, chicken, and red wine stocks, jus, and glaces. Bone Roasters is proudly Australian made and is used by many of the world’s leading five-star, Michelin-starred restaurants and food providers.

Bone Roasters has been a long-standing sponsored product of Bocuse d’Or Australia and is also a sponsor of this year’s Australian Chef of the Year competition. See the range by visiting the Bone Roasters team at stand T58.

Tasman Foods
With more than 34 years’ experience, Tasman Foods is one of Australia’s foremost suppliers of premium frozen finger foods and seafood. Beginning with a focus on Asian cuisine, embark on a journey through flavour as Tasman Foods brings the most authentic and delectable tastes straight from their kitchen to yours.

Explore bespoke handmade products that are tailored to elevate every dining experience and offer a wide range of flavours to suit any palate. Discover the convenience of the Tasman Foods range, with Australia’s largest selection of
finger food, which ensues there’s something for everyone. By incorporating the products into your culinary repertoire, you will not only improve your offering but reduce staff costs, allowing for greater efficiency without compromising quality.
Trust in Tasman Foods for both taste and safety, where tradition meets innovation. Elevate your culinary journey today — have a chat with the team at stand N44 and find your next menu gem.

Devondale is one of Saputo Dairy Australia’s leading brands due to its quality, affordability, versatility, and portfolio offering. Products in the Devondale portfolio include mozzarella, cream cheese, butter, fresh cream, and UHT milk available
in various sizes and formats fit for purpose for HoReCa.

Devondale is part of a portfolio of brands manufactured by Saputo Dairy Australia, a leading dairy processor in the country, and is part of Saputo Inc., one of the top 10 dairy processors in the world. Other brands under the Saputo Dairy Australia banner include but are not limited to Cheer, Caboolture, and Fred Walker.

Explore Saputo Dairy Australia’s offerings at stand S52 at Foodservice Australia.

Discover the forefront of sustainable packaging solutions and stay ahead of single-use plastic bans with BioPak. The team can offer compliant packaging alternatives crafted from certified compostable and rapidly renewable materials, reflecting the brand’s unwavering commitment to sustainability while delivering quality without compromise.

Visit the BoiPak team at stand F43 to learn more about its innovative products and receive a complimentary packaging assessment tailored to your specific needs and environmental goals. BioPak invites the industry to join hands, make a positive impact, and embrace responsible choices for generations to come.

UNOX Australia invites guests to stand C2 at Foodservice Australia to experience its cutting-edge foodservice equipment and commercial ovens. Join the UNOX team and esteemed partners as they tantalise your tastebuds with delectable dishes across three exciting zones: UNOX’s CHEFTOP-X™ with SPEED-X™ and EVEREO® will command your attention by preparing a variety of food products throughout the day. Alongside them, the SPEED.Pro™ speed oven will showcase its culinary prowess in speed baking and cooking modes. Also don’t miss the internationally certified HACCP EVEREO® hot food holding area which guarantees food stays warm and secure.

Experience live cooking demonstrations and engage with the dynamic marketing team who are available throughout the day to address any inquiries about UNOX’s products and services and share how they can contribute to your success in the food industry.

Boasting mountainous lashings of pure, rich flavour and creamy texture, Westgold Butter and UHT cream bring natural quality from New Zealand’s remote, lush West Coast pastures to culinary professionals who choose a higher standard.

Grass-fed and free-range cows turn lush grass into a super-rich milk that creates simply outstanding dairy — products that Westgold believe can’t be replicated anywhere else in the world. Westgold’s award-winning butter has customers raving about its texture, consistency, and rich buttery taste, while its UHT cream is renowned for its versatility and clean flavour — both being sought-after products globally.

Bring the taste of Westgold’s New Zealand home to your kitchen to give your craft the foundation it deserves. Try Westgold’s butter and cream at stand Y44.

Mission Foods
Mission Foods believes good food can take you places. As a global brand known around the world, Mission Foods has always strived to help foodservice professionals explore the endless possibilities through its range of products. Ready for a gamechanger? Mission Foods’ souvlaki bread is it and has a soft and fluffy texture that is perfect for dinner and lunch menus as well as snacks. For more information, visit the Mission Foods team at stand P32.

Training Online Food Safety
Training Online Food Safety offers a leading New South Wales food safety supervisor course, an essential for those aiming to excel in food safety supervision. Designed to provide comprehensive knowledge on hygienic practices (SITXFSA005) and safe food handling (SITXFSA006), it equips participants with the skills necessary to ensure food safety standards.

Recognised by the NSW Food Authority, the certification is crucial for supervising food handling in the hospitality sector. With flexible online delivery, Training Online Food Safety enables learners to pursue certification at their convenience that is supported by strong student assistance. The approach not only facilitates professional development but significantly contributes to public health and safety by promoting rigorous food safety protocols. Learners will be issued the NSW Food Authority certification upon course completion. Visit the Training Online Food Safety team at stand H10 to chat about your food safety compliance requirements.

For more than 35 years, PremierNorthpak has been recognised as a market leader in delivering sustainable food packaging products and solutions to Australia’s cafés, patisseries, restaurants, hotels, catering companies, food-to-go chains, and fast-food businesses.

Good packaging not only holds your food, but it also frames it and creates a positive and lasting impression with customers. PremierNorthpak’s extensive range of more than 4,000 lines includes an array of designs, materials, colours, and functions, allowing you to select products that suit your vision and requirements. The brand’s in-house design team are also able to create a wide range of customised packaging solutions. PremierNorthpak is committed to selling and using environmentally friendly products that can be recycled, re-used, or disposed of according to responsible waste practices. Visit the PremierNorthpak team at stand C40 to find out more.

PFD Food Services
PFD Food Services is 100 per cent Australian and has more than 70 strategically located distribution centres across the country. PFD Food Services deliver an extensive range of fresh meat and seafood together with frozen products, drygoods, paper products, and cleaning solutions.

Come visit PFD Food Services at stand N24 to meet the New South Wales team,
sample a selection of fresh meat and seafood, and discover how they can work
with you and become your one stop for all your foodservice needs.

Milklab Lane is Milklab’s new trade show experience inspired by Melbourne’s
urban coffee culture. Reminiscent of the streets of Melbourne, the new-look Milklab stand incorporates exterior, hole-in-the-wall style cafés and funky coffee carts.
Guests are encouraged to explore and discover the laneways of Milklab where they can enjoy a unique and exciting coffee experience that showcases the perfect pairings and highlights tasting notes of the Milklab range. Share a latte or two with the Milklab team at stand P24.

As part of Sydney Recycling Services, Ecofry has been at the forefront of sustainability for 30-plus years. Ecofry’s free oil collection service transforms used cooking oil into renewable fuels to reduce waste. Now, the Ecofry team are introducing its fresh oil service with Ecofry Elite oil which can offer a complete end-to-end service of fresh oil in and used cooking oil out. Designed to deliver exceptional frying performance, Ecofry Elite oil is for chefs, restaurateurs, and cooks who operate busy kitchens who choose quality, convenience, and value. Join the Ecofry team at stand H49 where sustainability meets exceptional taste.

GTG Living Water
GTG Living Water’s collection of pristine, natural alkaline water products boast
exceptional purity with a balance of minerals filtered through the best system that exists — uncontaminated nature. Sourced from the untouched mountain springs of Zagoria, Albania, GTG Living Water’s products are high in calcium and low in sodium, resulting in high-quality hydration.

It’s important to know where your bottled water is coming from. GTG Living Water’s range means customers know they are drinking mineral-rich, pristine water. GTG Living Water is also committed to sustainability and quality in its products with 10 per cent of profits going to charity and each bottle crafted from 100-per-cent recyclable materials. The GTG Living Water range features both still and sparkling water varieties in an array of product sizes for any venue’s needs. Taste the difference with GTG Living Water’s range at stand N43 at Foodservice Australia.

Kuvings Australia is committed to servicing the commercial market by providing high-quality commercial equipment to cafés, hotels, restaurants, and juice bars. Kuvings offer commercial durability; one-touch auto blending; electronic open and close; pre-set menu options; and a superfine, smooth blend across its range. Kuvings also has 24–7 after-sales on (02) 9798 0586. Visit the Kuvings team at Foodservice Australia at stand F24 to watch the Kuvings CB980 One Touch auto blender demonstration.

Dash Water
Dash Water is at the forefront of a new wave of healthy soft drinks that do more for people and the planet. Dash Water products are infused with real, wonky fruit to make delicious and healthy drinks. The range’s five delicious flavours are made in Australia with water from Black Mount Spring in Victoria and wonky Aussie fruit, which is the bent, crushed, misshapen fruit others say no to. By accepting the misfits, Dash Water is helping fight food waste one bashed berry and lopsided lemon at a time.

Products are made with no sugar or sweeteners and have no calories, making them a drink to feel good about. Drop by stand S58 at Foodservice Australia for more information.

As Australia’s leading bulk cooking oil supplier, Cookers is dedicated to bringing efficiency and sustainability to the foodservice industry. With a customer-first approach, Cookers provide high-quality cooking oils and a complete system to streamline the entire process of oil management, from the supply and delivery of fresh cooking oil to the collection and recycling of used cooking oil.

With no two businesses the same, you can choose an oil to suit your kitchen needs plus receive industrial food-grade equipment free on loan to complement the bulk oil management system. Cookers offer oils built for purpose; bulk cooking oil management; sustainable solutions; equipment free on loan; and no lock-in contracts. Say goodbye to the challenges of traditional cooking oil supply and disposal and discover your smart oil solution at Cookers stand H34.

Since 1996, Kagome’s dedication to crafting the highest-quality tomato products has been unwavering. As the nation’s largest tomato processor, Kagome have consistently delivered exceptional quality. The sun-kissed soil of Victoria’s Echuca region is where the Kagome story unfolds. From seed to harvest, Kagome has always been there, ensuring each product delivers the robust, natural flavours you know and love. The harvests and processing span tomatoes, carrots, and garlic right through to apples, beetroot, and pears transformed into exceptional products that speak of their origin.

Kagome’s latest venture — a state-of-the-art powder plant — innovatively upcycles byproducts into nutritious powders, catering to diverse markets from food to wellness. Kagome always put quality first, remaining true to nature with every product it produces, be it the signature pulpy crushed tomato or rich pizza sauce. Discover more about Kagome’s product range and its dedication to quality and innovation at stand L8.

Lamb Weston
Lamb Weston are the potato experts. Backed by global experience and local potato expertise, they manufacture and deliver high-quality frozen chips made from the
finest potatoes. From classic fries to extra-crispy crinkle-cut chips and crunchy
hashbrowns, they have the right product for your menu to keep customers coming back for more. Lamb Weston offer a full range of Australian-grown and manufactured chips as well world-favourite imported products from regions known globally for growing some of the finest potatoes.

Visit Lamb Weston at stand T24 to try their delicious crispy-on-the-outside and fluffy golden chips and talk to the team about getting Lamb Weston on your menu.