Adelaide restaurant Etica has been bombarded with complaints over a taxidermy cow suspended from the venue’s ceiling.

Angry diners have described the move as “utterly insane” and questioned the motive behind 8-year-old ‘Schitzy’s’ presence in the restaurant. A petition has also been created to urge the removal of the cow.

Owner Federico Pisanelli has addressed the backlash on Facebook, stating Etica’s aim is to “create thoughtful conversation”.


“Etica was created to promote animal welfare,” he says. “Our purpose is to educate consumers on the origins of our food. Our newly opened venue depicts an abattoir with glass walls. It features a taxidermied Friesian-Hereford hanging from the ceiling by her hind legs.

“The purpose is to make consumers stop and think about the realities of the dairy industry. We do not aim to influence on whether one should consume dairy, but rather, we urge our consumers to understand the origin of their food in order to make a conscious decision on whether to eat it.”

Etica has confirmed the cow has been hung for a purpose, which is to bring to light the “consequence” of consuming dairy.

The cow was sourced from a Mt. Barker farm and its meat was “entirely consumed” before it was treated and taken to the venue.

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