For more than 90 years, EOI has proudly developed and consistently supplied the Australian bakery industry with an extensive range of trusted, readily available premium bakery margarines and shortenings.

EOI is proudly 100 per cent Australian made and owned. EOI’s trusted products include pastry and cake margarines and shortenings; butter substitutes; creaming shortenings; custard and pie fillings; and vegetarian and vegan margarine and shortening options. There’s also a new ready-to-use range, which consists of pastry rolls; pastry shells; croissants; Danish pastry squares; and Danish fruit and custard pastries under both the EOI and La Parisienne brand names.

Join EOI’s trained bakers at stand L18 opposite Sweet Spot to see them demonstrating the extensive range of pastry products and find out how they can save you time and money.