Australia’s next candidate for the prestigious Bocuse d’Or World Cuisine Contest will be selected at a competition to be held at Foodservice Australia on 30 May 2017.

Competition entries are open until the end of this month, after which four finalists will be chosen by Bocuse d’Or Australia president Tom Milligan and his selection panel. They will then cook in a five hour competition preparing two dishes each.

The selected candidate and their commis chef must then compete in the Asia Pacific Selection in Singapore next year and, if placed in the top five out of 12 competing chefs, they will go on to compete in Lyon in 2019.

Bocuse d’Or Australia’s judging panel is comprised of some of Australia’s most talented and highly regarded chefs, many with competition experience.

The panel includes chefs Florent Gerardin, Philippe Mouchel, Deepak Mishra and Donovan Cooke, as well as Simon Cosentino, who competed in the Bocuse d’Or as commis chef in 2007 and 2009. Other senior chefs on the panel are Andre Smaniotto, Karen Doyle, John McFadden, Alexander McIntosh, Mark Agius and Mark Weatherley.

Last year, Australian chef Dan Arnold and his commis Ryan Cosentino achieved eighth place in the Bocuse d’Or finale, the highest Australian ranking ever.

“This is the most demanding culinary competition in the world,” said Tom Milligan, himself a previous candidate. “By holding the Australian Selection at Foodservice Australia, surrounded by stadium-style seating, it will simulate the energy and intensity of the international events and be a truly exciting event.”

To raise funds for the team, Melbourne’s Atlantic Group is hosting a dinner on Monday 29 May, titled ‘The Road to Lyon’, featuring dishes by members of the panel.

Held on the eve of the Australian Selection, The Road to Lyon gala dinner will feature a six course menu of Modern Australian dishes that will reflect each chef’s cuisine style. 


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