Culture Amp’s Retail & Hospitality Benchmark Report 2016, which highlights the factors that affect employee engagement and retention, has been released.

Culture Amp identified several common factors across the industry that are likely to affect people’s engagement with and commitment to their employer: learning and development; impact and dishonesty; leadership; and reward.

Compared to other industries, retail and hospitality professionals are proud of their company and think that their teams collaborate well to get the job done, but many are dissatisfied with pay, think workloads are unreasonable and find it hard to take leave. This data reflects concerns recently expressed about work ethic and penalty rates. 

According to the report, retail and hospitality performed well in areas such as recommendation, pride and motivation, but received poorer scores for retention, when compared to other industries. Forty percent of non-full time employees said they were rarely looking for another job, suggesting people in casual or part-time roles don’t see long-term career options in their companies. Of full-time employees, 51 percent said they were rarely looking for another job.

Seventy percent of retail and hospitality respondents said they are able to arrange time off work when they need to, compared to 82 percent in other industries. Only 38 percent of retail and hospitality professionals said they believed their total compensation is fair relative to similar roles in other companies, while 46 percent of people in other industries believe their compensation is fair.

These gaps could be perceived as symptoms of the unique nature of retail and hospitality companies and their workforces as compared to other industries, however, these perceptions impact on culture, engagement and retention – so there are plenty of opportunities for improvement, says the report. 

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