Chef Martin Zozaya has opened an authentic Latin America culinary complex in the heart Richmond, Melbourne complete with a caf, food store and (soon to be opened) cooking school.

According to Argentinian- born Zozaya, the aim of his new venue, El Atino & Co., is to communicate his passion for all things Latin-American food – a task he is more than qualified to do given the time he has spent working in Mexico, Buenos Aires, Barcelona and Madrid.

“Travelling opened my mind in my approach to putting new recipes together,” says Zozaya. “A career highlight was when I was catering in the Argentinian embassy in Mexico, and we served the president of my country.”

The food offering at El Atino & Co.’s caf (named the Food Laboratory) will comprise breakfast and lunch options that are grounded in simple, fresh ingredients, bold flavours and authenticity.

The EA&CO. Food Store is stocked with Latin American staples including: chipotle chillies, chimichurri, arepas and empanadas along with the venue’s own brand of in house products including the likes of dulce de leche alfajores.

The Cooking school is set to open in December 2015, a place where Zozaya plans to share his love of Latin American cuisine with the wider-Melbourne community.


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