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District 8 has launched its 600-seat dining destination at Cabra-Vale Diggers in Sydney’s South West.

District 8 marks the newest phase of the multimillion dollar redevelopment at Cabra-Vale Diggers. It was declared officially open in a ceremony attended by Adam Liaw, chief executive officer of Cabra-Vale Diggers Boris Belevski, mayor of Fairfield Frank Carbone, president of Cabra-Vale Diggers George Taylor and operator of District 8 Ricky Char.

“Western Sydney is the fastest-growing area in Australia at the moment and the demographic really is a reflection of where modern Australia is,” says Liaw. “I think Australia has the best Asian food in the world, and I mean that quite seriously. District 8 could only happen at Cabra-Vale Diggers because of the unique demographic here.”

District 8 measures 2000sqm, 400sqm of which is the main kitchen. The precinct has a range of food options available including dumplings, congee, soup, noodles, BBQ, grill/stir fry and seafood. Chinese à la carte is available at Horizon restaurant and there is also an Asian bakery, stores with fresh fruit, sugar canes juices and salads along with an Asian bar.

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