ED-RESTAURANTS Restaurant employees fight for unpaid wages while some restaurateurs are living the high life. The Ministry of Labour should increase penalties — and enforcement — to make sure employees aren’t victimized. Uploaded by: macdonald, andrea

Research from Commonwealth Bank has found its customers spend more than $640 million on eating out at fast food and restaurants per month.

An average Australian spends around $90 per month on fast food (a 20 percent increase compared to two years ago) and $143 per month on restaurants (up 6 percent since July 2015).

The largest portion of people who dine out on a regular basis are millennials. Diners in NSW spend the most on eating out, clocking in $84.19 and $129.57 per person per month respectively, while customers in the NT spend the least — $74.22 and $103.83 per customer per month respectively on fast food and restaurants.

“People under 30 make up almost half of all fast food purchases, and a third of restaurants’ trade. Interestingly, they’re not the ones spending the most money,” says Pete Steel, executive general manager digital, Commonwealth Bank.

“Customers aged 40 to 45 spend the most per month on fast food, potentially because they are purchasing meals for a family, while those aged between 50 and 55 spend the most in restaurants — $184 a month on average.




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