Restaurant reservation platform, Dimmi, is helping restaurateurs secure bookings by launching a three pronged payment solution.

Dimmi Payments allows foodservice businesses to take credit card details to secure bookings (with the ability to charge diners a fee if they cancel last minute or don’t show up), take deposits or charge a full payment.

Dimmi Guarantees – the credit card component of Dimmi Payments – was launched in May 2015, and according to the company led to a reduction in no-shows from (on average) four percent to less than one percent.

“Following the success of Guarantees our restaurant partners were asking for a full payments system which would give them more flexibility. Restaurants wanted to be able take full payments for big dining days like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day so it’s great to be able to finally bring that to market,” said Stevan Premutico, CEO and founder of Dimmi.

“Up until now restaurants haven’t had a way of securing bookings and holding diners accountable for making a reservation. With no money collected up-front restaurants are left vulnerable to customers changing plans, changing their mind or just not showing up.”  

Earlier this month, Dimmi also introduced a new function which allows restaurants to ban diners that don’t honour bookings from making another booking in the future. 

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