As part of an ongoing partnership, restaurant reservation platform, Dimmi and hospitality point of sale supplier, ImPOS has launched a new product enhancement that will provide restaurants with more in-depth knowledge of their customers' dining habits.

The new product feature will allow itemised bills to be fed directly from the ImPOS system to Dimmi’s reservation system, enabling hospitality operators to build better diner profiles through a clearer understanding of individual diner preferences.

Dimmi’s CEO and founder, Stevan Premutico said that the new feature will allow restaurants to be more efficient and thorough with regular clientele, resulting in better service and improved guest recognition.

“We are always looking for ways to improve processes within the hospitality industry and we’re so excited to roll out this new feature,” said Premutico. “For too long restaurateurs have been using pen and paper diaries, notepads, or their memory to remember what their biggest corporate spender likes to eat or drink. With the new itemised bill feature every item that someone orders can be recorded. It makes life a whole lot easier.”

Sean O’Meara, CEO and MD at ImPOS said one of the biggest shortfalls of the hospitality industry has been the disconnect between different operating systems.

“The advances in technology are allowing systems to talk to each other in a much greater capacity,” said O’Meara. “This new feature will help to improve the way restaurants operate, eliminate manual data entry and provide customers with a better dining experience.”


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