Restaurant delivery service, Deliveroo, has announced it’s launched in its 100th global city, Perth, and has used the occasion to reveal it’s also extending its services in other Australian markets.

While well established in Europe, Deliveroo only launched in Australia late last year, and has markets in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and, as of 6 September, Perth. To coincide with the Western Australia launch, Deliveroo has also released its new branding, including a new logo and rider equipment, featuring hyper-reflective flash material for bike riders’ wrists, waist and shoulders.

“It’s all about colour, being bold, and it’s a refreshed look for Deliveroo,” Australian country manager, Levi Aron, told Hospitality.

“We’re growing as a company and we decided that we wanted to develop a new look that really stands out, enhances everything that we do and enhances our sider safety and comfort.”

Deliveroo’s entry into the Perth market means it can now offer extended hours in other cities. Recently announcing that it will deliver brunch on the weekend in Melbourne (already available in Sydney), late night deliveries have now been added to the mix in Sydney and Melbourne, and in Brisbane from October.


“We have a live operations team that’s based in Melbourne and currently works until about midnight,” Aron said. “Now that we’ve launched in Perth and there’s currently a two hour time difference, we need to extend our service team in Melbourne, and by extending the service team we’re now able to offer late night deliveries to Melbourne and Sydney initially, and that means deliveries until 12.30am, where previously it was until 11pm.”

Deliveroo-Logo_Full_CMYK_Teal.jpgAlcohol delivery is also now available in Melbourne, at venues including Nieuw Amsterdam, Massi, 38 Chairs, Oriental Teahouse, Banff in St Kilda and Temple Brewing Company.

“We’re launching this alcohol service within Melbourne only,” Aron said. “This is something we’ve been working on for the last six months and the reason why it’s taken so long is because we’ve gone through all the requirements that we’ve needed to. Our license allows us to work with restaurants that have the appropriate license –not all restaurants that have alcohol licenses are necessarily appropriate. But there are many restaurants that have the right license that we can work with, and that license allows a consumer to use the Deliveroo platform, order some great Italian and with it get a bottle of wine.

“Our license allows us to deliver a bottle of wine or a six pack of beer or mixed spirit, but they’re the only things we can deliver. It’s not a service where you can go online and order four bottles of vodka. This is made specifically for people who want to order alcohol with food, to enhance the dining experience. This is something that we know consumers and definitely restaurants are very happy about,” Aron said.

Alcohol delivery will also be available in other Australian markets, once the appropriate licenses are granted.

Levi Aron will be presenting at Hospitality’s upcoming Restaurant Leaders Summit. For more information and ticket sales, click here.



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