David Chang’s New York restaurant Má Pêche will close in June after the venue negotiated an early exit from its lease with the Chambers Hotel.

Fuku+, which is also located in the hotel, is set to close as well.

Má Pêche opened in 2010 and is the first full-service restaurant from the Momofuku group to close.

Eater reports Momofuku declined to comment due to a confidentiality agreement with the hotel, but Chang Tweeted security around Trump tower was “killing foot traffic” on 56th street, which is where Má Pêche is located.

Momofuku are working to find Má Pêche’s 75 employees work at other locations, and the group is set to open a Midtown Noodle Bar in the coming months which will reportedly require more than 100 workers.

Má Pêche will bring back dishes from its eight-year history until closure.

Image credit: NYC Go

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