A man and his infant son suffered severe burns after dining at Sasuki Teppenyaki restaurant on Sunday.

A group of 17 family and friends were celebrating the 30th birthday of Courtney Love at the Narellan, Sydney, restaurant before a flaming alcohol demonstration in front of the group went wrong.

“When they put the alcohol on it’s supposed to go high in the air, unfortunately what has happened is that alcohol must have gone straight, caught alight and came straight into where we were sitting,” Love told 9News.

Love said employees tried to put out the flames, but struggled. She also raised concerns about the safety measures in the restaurant.

“There was no fire extinguisher, there was no safety blanket – we didn’t even know where the tap was,” she said.

The restaurant has denied it was not properly equipped to deal with potential incidents, telling the Daily Mail Australia the fire was put out before they had a chance to use the fire extinguisher.

“Three of our staff have their first aid training and they were the first to put out the fire,” said a spokesperson for the restaurant.

The three-year-old boy has undergone surgery while his father was treated in hospital.

Sasuki Restaurant has confirmed the venue will not repeat the demonstration again.

Image credit: Sasuki Facebook

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