Melbourne’s Asian Beer Caf has cut down the time it takes to pour a jug of beer on tap from 20 seconds to eight, thanks to the installation of custom-designed taps.

 The Fast Pour beer tap system was provided by equipment manufacturer, installer and supplier, Andale. According to Stewart Koziora, commercial director at the Retail Savvy Group, which operates venues including The Shaw Davey Slum and Father’s Office, busy nights at the Asian Beer Caf can see the venue go through 20 percent more beer during peak hours.

Koziora said “We have been working with Andale for some time to get this right so that we can dramatically speed up our service on busy nights.'

With 27 beers on tap in total, the Fast Pour Tap system has so far been a very successful investment, providing a 10 percent increase in keg turnover. 

The Retail Savvy Group previously worked with Andale to revolutionise the way cocktails are served at the Asian Beer Cafe by introducing a selection of 12 recipes, all served via beer taps. “We have more cocktail taps than anyone else in Australia and the speed at which we can serve our customers has been materially affected for the better. We have not only doubled our quantities but can also get a cocktail garnished within a few minutes for a cheaper price too,” said Koziora.

IMG_8464.jpgThe Asian Beer Caf's cocktail taps. 

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