Executive General Manager - Food and Beverage @ Crown Resorts, Enda Cunningham with chefs at Crowns Culinarium. Picture by Wayne Taylor, 14th October 2021 for Crown Resorts Melbourne. WMTphotography.com 0419 368 514

Crown Melbourne is teaming up with the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Australian Hotels Association to provide free paid hospitality training to Victorian citizens.

The partnership aims to train 1,000 potential workers by July next year and match candidates with businesses in need of staff.

Crown Resorts Executive General Manager Enda Cunningham believes the program will help ease skills shortages and ensure the hospitality industry continues to recruit talent.

“COVID-19 has been incredibly hard on hospitality,” says Cunningham. “The skill standard right across our industry ultimately benefits us all, and with the scale that we have at Crown and our training facilities, we are proud to be able to contribute and help the industry get back on track by upskilling a thousand workers.”

Successful candidates will be paid to undergo training at Crown College.

The course will cover the fundamentals of food and beverage along with customer service, crockery and cutlery; handling and polishing, order taking, docket writing and service sequencing.

Students will also be educated on wine and specialty foods in Victoria’s regional areas.

To apply, click here.