Craft’d Grounds have announced plans to launch a mega brewery in Albion, Brisbane, dubbed Brewtide.

The venue is slated to open in September and will become the flagship for the brand.

It will feature 12 tanks and a 15-hectolitre capacity for brewers around the country to use; “commonly known in our industry as ‘gypsy brewing’,” says Head Brewer Gavin Croft.

Craft’d will brew on-site and will focus on utilising locally sourced ingredients.

“We’ll be supporting Queensland and Aussie farmers and manufacturers, so most of our ingredients will be sourced locally, particularly using Queensland-grown fruit, malt, hop and yeast,” says Croft.

“We really want to reduce food miles wherever possible.”

Taps will rotate at the bar with 15 out of 20 taken by ‘friends’ of Brewtide.

There will be plenty of seating for visitors, who can expect everything from hazy pale ales to fruity sour beers.

“We’re planning on having a range of Brewtide beers that are humble and unpretentious, and so well constructed and balanced that when you finish a glass, you want another one,” says Croft.

Guests will also be able to watch the brewing process and learn more during bespoke experiences.

Brewtide will open in September and has future plans to launch a bottle shop, private bar and private dining spaces, coffee offerings and a French eatery.