One of the Sydney’s most-loved cafes has called it a day after eight years in business.

Owners of Cornersmith Alex Elliott-Howery and James Grant quietly closed the cafe on Monday morning, announcing the news on Instagram.

“We have not made this decision lightly but … we have decided that it’s time to make some changes at Cornersmith,” reads the post.

“We had no idea Cornersmith would grow into the beautiful beast it has become and we are especially proud that it all started in a tiny little corner shop in the middle of Marrickville.”

The pair have not confirmed any immediate plans to open a new site, but have said they are “plotting and planning quietly at home” and will take the opportunity to spend time with family. “Running a small business and raising a family is hard work and we are looking forward to a little less stress next year.”

The team will continue to operate their Annandale location and the Picklery in Marrickville, which is where they host regular cooking classes (read more about them here).

Elliott-Howery and Grant thanked their staff and customers who have supported the business over the years.

“We want to thank everyone who drank coffee, had a meal, bought a jar of pickles or dropped off a bag of cumquats. We also want to thank all the beautiful Smithies that have worked so hard and created so much in the Marrickville café.”

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