Liquor & Gaming NSW will soon introduce compulsory online refresher training for holders of expiring responsible service of alcohol (RSA) and responsible conduct of gambling (RCG) photo competency cards.

RSA training is mandatory for everyone in NSW who sells, serves and supplies alcohol. RCG training is mandatory for people who work in hotels or registered clubs and have gaming machine duties.

Five year photo competency cards have been issued since August 2011 to persons who completed RSA and RCG training.

Prior to that, RSA/RCG holders were issued with paper certificates, which have been progressively phased out, with holders required to undertake new training to upgrade to a photo competency card. The last paper certificates will expire on 30 June, 2016.

The first five year photo competency cards will start expiring from 22 August, 2016. Holders of expiring photo competency cards who wish to continue to work in the industry will be required to pay a $35 prescribed fee to undertake online refresher training prior to their expiry date, and will then be issued with a new five year competency card. Refresher training was a recommendation of the 2013 independent review of the Liquor Act to keep skills up-to-date.

Liquor & Gaming NSW is currently finalising online RSA and RCG refresher training courses, which will soon be made available. Online refresher training will be the only way that a person’s expiring competency card can be renewed. Completing a full course through an approved training provider prior to the expiry of a person’s card will not extend the expiry date on their current card.

Holders of expiring photo competency cards will be sent reminder notices via SMS and email to undertake online refresher training prior to their card expiry date. The reminders will include a weblink to access the online training portal.

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