Commune Group is set to replace Hannoi Hannah New Quarter at the end of February with a new venue.

The Swan Street site in Richmond will debut a revised interior and operate as New Quarter, with a menu created by a freshly recruited head chef.

Scott Lord joins after time at Sunda, Tokyo Tina and Cumulus Inc and has curated a food offering that twists classic Vietnamese dishes.

“Richmond has always been the home for Vietnamese food in Melbourne,” says Simon Blacher, Commune Group creative director.

“At New Quarter, we are embracing the flavours and history of the area and repackaging it into what we believe is a unique expression of Melbourne Vietnamese.”

Dishes include flat-pressed banh mi with whipped chicken parfait, chicken skin and pickled cucumber; beef tartare with egg yolk, pho jelly, tapioca and anchovy crisps and clam ‘in parchment’ with banh canh cua broth and burnt tomato.

The venue has undergone a redesign courtesy of Ewert Leaf and Space Between, which has seen the location split into four dining areas.

A lower seating space has room for 58 diners and eight diners can enjoy high-backed wooden booths. There’s also a 10-seat bar and window seats overlooking the street.

New Quarter will open on 22 February