Commune Group’s newest venue, Alter Dining, will open in Windsor, Melbourne, on 26 April.

Director Simon Blacher says the offering has been designed to complement the neighbourbood and will bring a new offering to the area.

“With the launch of Alter Dining, the group will explore a new direction focused on the guest dining experience, rather than the volume of visitors,” says Simon Blacher, Commune Group director.

Head chef Sean Judd (Chin Chin, Longrain) has designed a menu that surrounds modern Australian cuisine. Diners can choose from a tasting experience for $65 or a la carte.

Dishes include whipped cod with chili chicken skin crumble; grilled quail skewer with blood plum sauce and spiced salt and Northern Thai-style sausage with grilled eggplant puree, smoked fish sauce and pickled green tomato.




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