Former Chin Chin bartender Sorcha Harrop is celebrating after The Lucas Group agreed to pay her $9,454.

Harrop took action against the Melbourne venue in November after she alleged the group failed to compensate her for overtime and superannuation from October 2016 to July 2017.

According to Harrop, The Lucas Group will also conduct an independent audit of their employees and compensate other workers by Christmas.

“I’m so happy to see Chin Chin admit they underpaid me and commit to repay other Lucas Group workers who’ve also been ripped off,” says Harrop.

Harrop alleged she worked more than 10 hours overtime each week but was never compensated for the additional hours.

Founder of the Lucas Group, Chris Lucas, confirmed the group moved “swiftly” as soon as the allegations were made to “reconcile her hours” and “resolve the dispute”.

“We wanted to send a message to Chin Chin and hospo workers everywhere that we won’t be silenced about wage theft,” says Harrop. “And, together, we definitely did that.”

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