Award winning Chef, Michael Rantissi, has announced the closure of his Waterloo venue, Kepos & Co.

Due to a challenges brought about by the pandemic, Rantissi has decided not to renew the restaurant’s lease in mid-February.  

“Our lease is coming to an end in a few weeks and with the last couple of years being as challenging as they have been, we felt it was best to not renew the lease, so we can focus on Kepos Street Kitchen as well as some new and exciting projects we’ll launch later this year,” says Rantissi.

“We are so grateful to all our customers who have supported Kepos & Co over the last seven years, and we hope you can join us for dinner over the coming weeks, before we close on 19 February.”

The Israeli-born chef first opened Kepos & Co. in 2015 as the relaxed version of Kepos Street Kitchen in Redfern.

For seven years the Dank Street location has been serving up a range of Middle Eastern dishes that revolve around the wood-fired oven and has championed the use of seasonal ingredients.

The closure will allow Rantissi to focus his attention on Kepos Street Kitchen and other future projects.

Kepos & Co is open Tuesday to Saturday for dinner until it’s last day of service 19 February.

Kepos Street Kitchen will remain open for breakfast and lunch.