Two of the three co-founders of South Melbourne fine diner, restaurant Lume have announced that they will be departing the restaurant just seven months after opening.

The departure of co-head chef John-Paul Fiechtner was somewhat expected as he had initially planned to leave the restaurant after the initial set-up, however the announcement that sommelier Sally Humble would also be leaving was more unexpected.

As reported by Good Food, Fiechtner and Humble now have plans to move to Singapore to embark on a new project of their own, leaving the third founding member, co-head chef Shaun Quade with Lume's reigns. Although Humble’s departure came as a surprise, both sides have released statements wishing each other well.

Restaurant Lume opened in July last year offering an 18 to 20 course tasting menu and a 40 seat ‘speakeasy’ bar with a dedicated food offering. The opening was labelled as one of the year's most ambitious, with Quade, Fiechtner and Humble making no secret of their plans to have the restaurant counted among the world’s best.

A replacement for Humble has not yet been announced.


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