The Crown’s No.8 by John Lawson will be losing its namesake chef as Lawson announces plans to open his own venue.

No.8 by John Lawson opened three years ago within the Crown Metropol complex following the closure of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant Maze where Lawson held the position of executive chef.

As reported by Good Food, Lawson’s decision to depart the restaurant was prompted by a health scare late last year. When the 33 year-old returned to the kitchen, he decided that a smaller venue that operated on his terms was more in line with what he wanted to do. Lawson is currently looking at locations outside of the city to set up his solo venture.

“I want to do my own thing without too many restrictions. I feel I’ve got more in me. I have this dream of a small place outside the city.”

According to the Crown Metropol's executive general manager of food and beverage, Mark Holmes, the restaurant will now be known as No.8, with a view to rethink the concept of the restaurant in the not too distant future.


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