Sydney chicken shop Chargrill Charlie’s will open its 10th store in Annandale on 16 September. The brand showcases home-style cooking with both eat in or take-away options.

Securing two shopfronts side-by-side on Johnson Street, Chargrill Charlie’s Annandale will offer a large, open plan store with seating for up to 60 people. Fitted out with the trademark Chargrill Charlie’s modern industrial décor, the store features rustic recycled timber, black metal finishes and a warm, playful ambience.

The new Annandale store will offer Chargrill Charlie’s full menu including their hero dish — chargrilled chickens — up to 15 different fresh & seasonal salads, DIY dinner plates, chicken schnitzels, creamed potato, crunchy hot chips, wedges, rolls and burgers as well as classic desserts such as apple pie.

Chargrill Charlies opened their first store in Sydney’s Coogee in 1989, with the family-owned and operated business inventing and manufacturing a patented rotisserie. Since then the brand has expanded to multiple locations around the city.

“We’ve set ourselves a goal of opening three stores a year over the next three to five years,” co-owner Ryan Sher told Hospitality. “We’re about to open our tenth store in Annandale, using the model we’ve taken a long time to perfect, which is a joint venture per store model.

“There’s slower growth [when you’re company-owned] because you have to use your own capital.

“You aren’t in a position to open five or 10 stores a year as a result, but we’re happy with that.”

Read more about the Chargrill Charlie’s ethos and approach to expansion here.

Image: Dominic Lonergan 





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