The wild weather in NSW over the weekend saw large numbers of dining reservations cancelled across the state, according to Dimmi.

Booking data from the restaurant reservation platform found an increase in cancellations across NSW. On Saturday 4 June, there were 21 percent more cancellations than the week before, while Sunday 5 June saw the cancellation rate leap to 40 percent higher than the previous Sunday.

Sydney CBD seemed to be most affected by the weather, with 36 percent of bookings cancelled on Saturday and 44 percent on Sunday. Previous week cancellations were 24 percent and 22 percent respectively. In Surry Hills however, cancellation rates remained the same as previous weeks.

Last year’s major Sydney storm, on Tuesday 21 April, had a similar effect, with 41 percent of bookings cancelled on the day. However, considering the 2015 storm was mid-week it would not have had the same impact on restaurants in real terms. 

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