The Callinan review was released to the public on 13 September, immediately after Justice Ian Callinan provided it to the NSW government. 

The report, which was originally due to be released before the end of August, was delayed after Callinan requested extra time to review the potential impact of a state Supreme Court decision ruled many of the city’s live music and entertainment venues were exempt form the laws.  

The review considered more than 1800 submissions and close to 30 stakeholder sessions, including three roundtables. 

With some qualifications, Callinan found that the terms of the Amendments had secured the objectives they set out to achieve and remained appropriate to securing them. 

He did, however, suggest staged relaxation of some aspects of the Amendments, such as extending take-away liquor sale hours and implementing different timings for lockouts and last drinks, could be considered. Callinan said, with hesitation, he was of the opinion that any changes could only be assessed after a trial period. 

Callinan closed his concluding statements by highlighting the ambiguity of cases like Stuart v O’Connor. The Liquor Act, including the Amendments and their administration would benefit from revision and harmonisation, he said. 

The government will deliver its response before the end of the year. 

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