Brisbane restaurateurs are on high alert after a number of venues have become the victim of a scam.

A group of women and men claimed to have found glass in their food at Birds Nest Restaurant and Creole Soul Kitchen before demanding free food and drink for compensation.

Birds Nest owner Marie Yokoyama was alarmed when a lady started screaming she had found glass in her food and alleged her mouth was bleeding.

However, suspicions were raised when the group hesitated to show her the piece of glass when requested.

“Upon inspection, I knew this had not come from our restaurant, but they were relentless,” Yokoyama posted on the venue’s Facebook page.

“We don’t have any thick glass of this sort in the restaurant — I was so scared and terrified of them I [gave them] their meals and drinks for free; around 180 dollars in value.”

Three women and four children remained at the venue for more than an hour after the incident and continued to request free drinks, resulting in the bill reaching $250 in value.

“I couldn’t get them out of the restaurant, so in the end I called the bar owner from next door and he came in and assisted in [getting] them out of the restaurant,” says Yokoyama.

Marc Lewis’ venue Creole Soul Kitchen was also targeted by the group after they planted glass in their meal. Lewis waived the $300 bill out of good faith.

Lewis reported the incident to the health department and was relieved to discover he had been the victim of a scam.

Police are currently investigating if any other venues have been impacted by the elaborate scheme.


 Image credit: Courier Mail 

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